Fake Security Software — be careful if you want to secure yourself (the irony!)

Dancho Danchev over at Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge has been releasing a series of articles (14 so far!) on his blog about Fake Security Software.. Security software that claims to clean up viruses, remove worms, protect you all around, while in reality it infects your machines, retrieves information, compromises them and may cause them to become part of a botnet. He is putting a lot of work into it, so please check it out.

It is ironic how regular users who want to do the right thing – secure themselves – may get tricked into downloading software that in reality does the exact opposite.

If you look at the screenshots that Dancho provides, you will realize that attackers put a lot of work into trying to fool the user — the web sites pretty much look like the real thing! So far, the only real obvious indicator that the sites are fake are the use of bad English.


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