Twitter Spam – protect yourself

Richard Stiennon over at ThreatChaos talks about a new application that is able to generate multitudes of Twitter IDs that then can be used to spam your Twitter feed with links that the spammers want the followers to click. He calls this ‘Twitter spam’, or ‘Twamm’.

You are able to protect your feed by locking down who can follow you. Rick Wanner at the SANS ISC Handlers’ Diary writes:

If you haven’t already it is probably time to consider screening who can follow you. To do that set your twitter account to “protect your updates”.  This is done through the settings link, on the account tab.

I do not have a Twitter feed, but I would definitely recommend restricting the sources that are able to follow you. Unless of course you have the feeling that the whole world needs to know what you are doing at any point in time. 🙂


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