Waiting for the Internet to blow up – or not?

Numerous reports have been referring to the Conficker/C, Conficker.C, Downadup.C – worm that has apparently infected tons of machines across the Internet. Apparently, on April 1st, a central machine/system is supposed to take over the compromised boxes.

If it happens or not: whatever will happen, people cannot really tell for certain ahead of time.

The worm disables security updates, blocks access to certain security vendor sites. Aside from that, it will ‘phone home’ on 4/1, download updates if possible and may receive further instructions on what to do next.

Whatever happens – don’t be part of it. Run the malware scanners, clean your machines up, patch them up.

See my other article about patch details.
UPDATE: Microsoft has a neat summary post up on their site.


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