Time to get rid of RealPlayer – uninstall it now.

RealNetworks recently released a patch to fix no less than 11 critical vulnerabilities.

This is the advisory from Real Networks. Patch can be downloaded from here.

Heise recommends to simply just uninstall it.

Since the proprietary RealMedia format is now barely used, as an alternative to installing the update, users might wish to simply uninstall RealPlayer completely. While few users still have RealPlayer installed, those who do mostly have vulnerable versions, as has been recently demonstrated by The H’s update check. During roughly 140,000 tests over a 30 day period, update check registered around 7,300 installed copies of RealPlayer versions 10.x and 11.x, of which more than 80% were vulnerable.

I agree. The format is not really used anymore. Real was useful a couple of years back, but no more. Throw it into the trash – uninstall it.


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