Vulnerability in iPhone data encryption Or: Do not lose your iPhone because everyone will be able to access it

Bernd Marienfeldt, security officer at LINX, uncovered a pretty bad vulnerability of the latest iPhone that is out there: even with encryption, set passphrases etc, anyone using Ubuntu LINUX can access certain data you have stored on it. There is no fix for this yet.

More detail on Heise-Online, here is the article.


.. found that he was able to gain unfettered access to his iPhone 3GS from Ubuntu 10.04. If he connected the device whilst it was turned off and then turned it on, Ubuntu auto-mounted the file system and was able to access several folders despite never having previously been connected to the iPhone. The H’s associates at heise Security have successfully reproduced the problem. An Ubuntu system which had never before communicated with the iPhone immediately displayed a range of folders. Their contents included the unencrypted images, MP3s and audio recordings stored on the device.

UPDATE: Rumors have it that this may also affect the iPad.


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