iPhone Vulnerability even worse than assumed – everything exposed when connected to Windows

This is getting worse and worse – the good people over at H Security (here is the article) found out that the iPhone issue first reported by security expert Bernd Marienfeldt is even more significant: You can connect an iPhone to a Windows Vista machine and lo and behold, EVERYTHING is accessible, EVEN passwords.

[…] managed to connect an iPhone with iTunes under Windows and created a full backup, including such sensitive data as passwords in clear text.

However, they state, this does not work if the iPhone was in a locked state before it was shutdown. The article says.

[…] has come to the conclusion that the problem only occurs if the iPhone was shut down from an unlocked state. During the wake up this state is restored and the device is “open” for a short period of time before the Springboard application wakes up and locks it down. This short period is sufficient for a pairing to occur that ensures permanent access. An iPhone that was shut down in a locked state does not accept the pairing – which corresponds to heise Security’s observations. This reduces the risk somewhat, because a lost iPhone in a locked state cannot be tricked into pairing.

Either way, crazy stuff.


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